About Deanne, Founder and Creative Director


For the Love of Dance

I grew up with dance - a performer for 45 years - Including The Young Canadian School of Performing Arts and began early on to realize that dance is more than performing  - it is a life line to the soul and a powerful outlet to release, heal and explore who you really are, igniting creativity in life with clarity.  

 The Birth of a Divine Expression

Picture this....We are a day away from my second child arriving.  I had been layed off recently from oil and gas and I was exhausted.   I am running around making sure that everything is perfect.  Fluffing pillows, getting her room ready with little touches and on the inside I was exhausted  and having thoughts as to whether or not I can do this again.   At that moment  the phone rings and I pick it up.  The person on the other end says " Is this Deanne Robertson" , I say  "Yes",  she says" Deanne, this is ....from Radiology Consultants and we need you to come back in for some additional diagnostics on your right breast'.  In that moment I had nothing left.  I fell to the floor with my head in my hands and sobbed.  The deepest most sorrowful weep that came from every part of my being.  I was so far removed from my path.  I  yell  " I cant do this!"    Fearing the worst, I was frozen in fear, I didn't know where to turn as I have always kept so much inside and laughed everything off as if it were nothing and suffered in silence. Then the little voice inside asked me the most profound question " What is it going to take for you to ask for help" .  I sat up straight.  I closed my eyes.  I took a breath.  I had the most amazing vision.  A room full of the  women all sitting at a large table.  We were laughing and crying.  I couldn't hear the conversation and yet I knew that the conversation was authentic and courageous.  The BS facade that had become my life had finally crippled me and through the vision I was able to begin to unravel the layers of who I had become and slowly unveil the remnants of who I am. It still took something to admit that I couldn't do it all myself.  Still trying to get it right and look good to the outside world. Slowly I let people in and asked for contribution.  I was blessed with the news, after nine months of diagnostics and surgery, that the breast lump was benign!  In the months to come, I had friend after friend and heard story after story of women that had scares of illnesses and some were not as fortunate.  My heart would break at each story.   I did not know at that time that these moments would be the birth of  a Divine Expression.   

My Commitment

I am truly committed to creating a sacred space for all women to  Create their  Personal Divine Expression with Connection and Vitality and to never have to feel like they are alone. 

With Great Love and Gratitude

With such gratitude for the support and love of my family, friends and mentors that have contributed to this journey.